About UsThe Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers, Inc. (MARP) was established in 1973 as a consumer advocacy group to:
• improve intercity rail and bus passenger service,
• improve local transit service,
• and encourage the preservation of historic railroad stations.
Learn more about our organization on the About us, MARP Vision, Executive Committee and Bylaws pages. We also post minutes of our regular meetings.

Join UsYou don’t have to be a member to join us at one of our regular meetings across the state of Michigan. Check the calendar page for the next meeting date and location.
The easiest way to show your support for balanced transportation is to become a member of MARP. Our new membership page has options to join or renew by credit card, PayPal or U.S. Postal Service. There is now a donation page if you wish to show your financial support beyond membership.

Contact UsMARP, Inc.
c/o Jean Merckel
33373 Hampshire Road
Livonia, Michigan 48154-2952

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Be sure to check out our Amtrak Status page for the current location of passenger trains in Michigan.

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