Eugene L Huddleston author and photographer dies

From Trains Magazine

OKEMOS, Mich. — Eugene L. Huddleston, the author of several books on Chesapeake & Ohio steam locomotives and two TRAINS features, died Friday, April 22, 2011. He was 80 years old.

Huddleston grew up in Russell, Ky., near a major C&O terminal. Though he moved north to attend college, the books he went on to author covered the railroads in the region near where he grew up. His works included at least nine titles, primarily on C&O, Norfolk & Western, and the steam locomotives that powered them.

His TRAINS features included “Toward Settling the USRA controversy” [March 1991] and “Doctoring the Scales: The Case of the Overweight Alleghenies” [December 1998].

He worked as a professor of American Thought & Language at Michigan State University, retiring in 1992.

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