Here comes the Spring 2011 newsletter!

Spring 2011 stories include:

Signs of Spring Travelers choose the railroad over the roadway.

Time to Celebrate – Amtrak to celebrate 40th Anniversary.

• Michigan By Rail – Michiganders gather to discuss the future of passenger rail.

• Not So Fast – Michigan not on list to receive additional high-speed rail funding.

• Firearms Allowed – Passengers allowed to bring handguns aboard Amtrak trains.

• Expanding the Fleet – Next generation of passenger rail cars and locomotives to be built.

• Sold – Grand Rapids sells land for Amtrak rail spur.

• Plans Underway – Clare depot to be moved.

• Blizzard of ‘11 Snow storm disrupts Amtrak service.

• Breaking Ground – Pontiac to build new train station.

• Back on Track – Amtrak ridership makes a strong comeback in 2010.

• Michigan Northern Arrow – Traveling to Northwestern Michigan in Style.

• Turning back the clock . . . – MARP looks back at Michigan‘s past passenger rail operations.

• Passing Through

• Renovation

• Changing of the Guard – A new era begins for MARP’s Executive Committee.

• Fun Day

• 37th Annual Membership Meeting

• Wait a Minute . . . – Notes from MARP‘s Membership Meetings.

• Chairman’s Corner – “Easin’ on Down the Track“.

• All Aboard