Amtrak is running a dome car on the Wolverine train

From the Detroit Free Press:

Some lucky Amtrak passengers taking the Wolverine train between Detroit and Chicago Thanksgiving week will get to ride in the railroad’s Great Dome railcar.

Riders on trains 352 on Nov. 23 and 351 on Nov. 24 will be able to sit in the double-decker car, which has been added to increase space on the busy Wolverine route for the holidays.

It features an upper level with panoramic glass on all sides, providing vistas of passing scenery. Seats cannot be reserved, so whichever coach passengers get up there first can sit there.

The Great Dome was once used on the Empire Builder between Chicago and Seattle and most recently was used on a route between Orlando and Washington, D.C. It was built in 1955 and is painted red, white and blue. It’s the only remaining Great Dome car in Amtrak’s fleet.