PH&D Historical Society announces Hobo Fest 2013 on Sept. 14

276912_336232406482190_1307999310_nThe Port Huron and Detroit Railroad Historical Society will host  Hobo Fest 2013 on Saturday, Sept. 14 at the former property of The Port Huron & Detroit Railroad, located at 2100 32nd Street in Port Huron. The event celebrates Port Huron’s history as a vital international transport center, the city’s struggle to overcome the economic depression and the courage and resourcefulness of those that rode the rails seeking work and adventure.

Featuring a Spam cook-off and carving contest, music, children …activities and much more  Hobo Fest is a family friendly educational event that brings people together of all ages to experience the life and adventures of the hobos.

Please bring lawn chairs and dress casually according to the weather.
Interested musicians who would like to perform must contact Entertainment Director Keith Menzies at 810.305.7075.

2100 32nd Street, Port Huron, Michigan 48060