Executive Committee Meeting Minutes — Conference Call – May 29, 2018

MARP Executive Committee
Conference Call
29 May, 2018
7:30 pm – 8:45 pm

Members Present:  Steve Vagnozzi, John Langdon, Adam Tauno Williams, Kay Chase, Mark Miller

Members Absent: Stewart Bolinger, Robert Tischbein, Charles Shong, Robert Patterson

Call to Order at 7:34 pm

Approval of Minutes for 16 January, 20 February, 20 March, and 17  April:
Vagnozzi moves, Langdon seconds

Discussion: Langdon asks to change wording in March 20 minutes information item about possible sale of CSX holdings in Michigan to read: “CP may be Interested in certain SE Michigan holdings.”

Motion to approve January-April minutes with this change given unanimous approval

Chase asks that Vagnozzi add approval of minutes to his Meeting Agenda template

Proposed 2018 Budget

Williams moves, Langdon seconds, approval of the proposed 2018 budget

Vagnozzi: budgeted amounts are based on 2017 spending

Langdon: dues paid to 4 organizations should be $425, not $400 as on the document sent out 5/28

Langdon: budget document sent 5/28 does not show $500 grant to DUSI   was it an oversight or purposely left out

Miller: believes it was left off because we will not be holding the annual meeting there in 2018

Chase: historic stations are part of our mission – we have made this donation for years

Langdon:  our free use for annual meeting was not predicated on our donation

Williams: OK with continuing to donate $500 to Durand

Miller: should we rotate to another station or museum?

Vagnozzi: comfortable with it for this year – reconsider in the future

Other concerns:

Miller: Outreach is budgeted for $290 less than last year     won’t allow for reimbursement for mileage for dropping off brochures around the North region

Langdon:  Chad Cushman, Indian Trails CEO, has indicated he may be willing to cover these expenses; need to follow up on this

Vagnozzi: doesn’t appear we will run over the $960 budget amount; we are running a deficit, so leave as is

Langdon: MEC has verbally committed to another $5,000 grant

Chase: asks what is intended for the Social Media line item of $1000 when only $159 was spent in 2017 – Adam recalls submitting a budget request for about $750, but doesn’t have the specific breakdown – it costs $30-$50 for a facebook boost for selected events, 600-1200 people are reached – Chase questions boosting the Annual Meeting when we don’t’ get anyone outside of MARP attending as a result

Langdon moves, Miller seconds, to amend the motion to add $500 grant to DUSI, and change “Dues To” line item to $425 (from $400)

Amended 2018 budget approved: yeas  Miller, Langdon, Williams, Vagnozzi     abstain Chase

Langdon moves, Miller seconds to:

“Approve expenditures of $499.99 or less with the approval of the designated Category Manager & the Treasurer. All disbursements of funds must reflect that the budget Category balance is available in the appropriate budget and have followed the Michigan Association of Railroad  Passengers Best Practices Guide “The – Who – What – and -How MARP Task: Paying MARP Expenses.”

Vagnozzi clarifies who managers are for each budget category – no discussion – motion passes unanimously

Chase questions whether the budget can be approved with only 4 yeas – Vagnozzi will determine what Roberts Rules has to say


Vagnozzi:    asks approval to  appoint Joshua Hamilton  to the position of East/Central chair – Miller asks that we obtain a resume and interview him before making the appointment – Vagnozzi will meet with him, share the position description with him, ask him to come to July EC meeting

Williams:   will send an electronic copy of the map outlining MARP’s four regions – Miller suggests putting it on the website

Langdon:   reports that Tulip Train ridership was around 170 on each weekend – the train to the Senior PGA Tournament in Benton Harbor was 125 passengers – MDOT/Amtrak will decide whether those numbers justify moving forward with a special train for Grand Rapids Art Prize in September

Miller:   asks what we need to do to follow up on the student outreach effort talked about at the January and April meetings – so far all efforts to get responses from universities contacted have not born fruit

Respectfully submitted,


_____Kay Chase_____________________         _____Steve Vagnozzi_____________________

Kay Chase, Acting Secretary                                           Steve Vagnozzi, Chair