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Albion (ALI)

300 North Eaton Street
Albion, MI 49224

(Photos by J.R. Valderas)

The unstaffed Albion station is a quaint historic Italianate building built in 1882 for the Michigan Central Railroad.  It is located just west of the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Superior Street, at the north end of the downtown area.  The building today is occupied primarily by an insurance agency and the Chamber of Commerce.  The eastern portion of the building is a Greyhound waiting room with Greyhound ticket agent.  This also doubles as the waiting room for Amtrak passengers.  This waiting room is open daily from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.  If eastbound Wolverine train 352 is running behind schedule, the waiting room will not remain open.  There are 14 free parking spaces directly across the street from the station, which are rarely full even during busy times.

Presently, Albion is designated as a flag-stop for the Amtrak trains which are scheduled to stop.  This means passengers wishing to board or detrain at Albion must have a reservation and be ticketed through this station in advance.  If you are detraining in Albion, the conductors onboard will be aware that the train needs to stop.  If you are boarding here, when you hear the train approach, be sure you are on the platform and visible to the train crew so they know they need to stop.  In late 2010, Amtrak installed a new platform, signage, and a wheelchair lift at this station.

The station is a short walk from both the historic downtown business district and Albion College.  Many small towns this size have little to offer, but being home to a prestigious college, Albion can offer more to the traveler.

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