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Port Huron (PTH)

 2223 16th Street
Port Huron, MI 48060

Port Huron Station
The Port Huron Station was built in 1979. (Photos by Nathan Nietering)
Porn Huron interior
A look at the inside of the Port Huron station. (Photo by Nathan Nietering)

The staffed Port Huron station is located on the west side of 16th Street, along the south side of the Canadian National Railroad tracks.  The free parking includes about 25 spaces in front of the station building and another 12 behind.  The station building was built in 1979 in a modular design which Amtrak considered using as a prototype for small staffed stations.  Although the design has worked just fine, the design was never replicated.  The waiting room has about 20 seats, which is almost always adequate, and the building and grounds are kept in excellent condition by the station staff.  At this time, the station is only open and staffed from 10:30PM-6:30AM, with the ticket office closing after the departure of the morning westbound Blue Water, so if you want to purchase or pick up your tickets, you’ll have to be nocturnal.  The station building is locked through the remainder of the day.  The station has restrooms and a pay phone, but no vending machines, and no restaurants are located within walking distance.  It is safe to leave vehicles here for extended periods.

The station’s location is just west of the American portal of the St. Clair River Tunnel, and it is common to see railroad enthusiasts on hand to watch CN trains come roaring out of the tunnel.  Be sure to check out the historical marker along the station driveway and additional markers on the platform, commemorating the St. Clair River Tunnel as the oldest sub-aqueous railroad tunnel in North America.  Canadian National still maintains a strong presence in Port Huron, and the St. Clair Tunnel is part of their mainline between Toronto and Chicago.

Local bus service is provided by the Blue Water Transportation Authority, Service on 16th Street (a short walk from the station) is provided by Route # 3 and Route # 9 buses. Call (810) 987-7373 for schedules and fares.

Port Huron is a very pleasant city which even today is oriented to the water. It is home to several large marinas, and is a regular stop for pleasure boaters on a scale that people from outside of Michigan would find hard to believe.  It is also a popular spot to watch and learn about the large lake and ocean-going freighters which ply the Great Lakes and pass along Port Huron on the St. Clair River.

Amtrak Station page:

Town Hall Meeting on Amtrak Funding

Please join State Representative John Espinoza, 83rd District and other Amtrak supporters and guests panelists.

WHAT: Discussion on Amtrak’s funding and opposition to proposed cuts to the passenger rail service and how it affects you.

WHEN: Thursday, June 30, 2005 at 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: St. Clair County Community College
Room 150, Citizens First M-TEC Center
Corner of Glenwood and Erie Streets (Downtown Port Huron)