MARP is the Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation established in 1973 to improve passenger train service, travel conditions for passengers, and to work for the preservation of historic rail stations.

MARP works with groups such as Metro Detroit-based Transportation Riders United and the National Association of Railroad Passengers to accomplish common goals. Anyone interested in passenger rail issues should also investigate these two organizations.

MARP depends upon membership dues to continue its work. From time to time we will send “Action Alerts” to members asking them to contact their legislators on certain subjects, and of course, we always welcome participation by newcomers to help lighten the workload. Our dues are just $30.00 per year or $20 per year for students and seniors. Family memberships are $40 per year. Or join at the $50 Advocate membership level or the $100 First Class membership level. Our membership runs from January 1st of each year to December 31st.

We publish The Michigan Passenger, a newsletter in newspaper format which is published twice a year.

Our meeting schedule is published in the newsletter. Meetings are held in various places around the state in order to give everyone a chance to participate. To Join us, just click here for membership options.