Amtrak Status

Click on this link to open the Amtrak train status map in a new window.

John G. Bobinyee has created an interactive map showing the current status Amtrak trains by pulling data collected from the Amtrak website. To access the map directly, simply click on this link.

Once you’ve clicked the link, go directly to the map for a section of the country, move the mouse over the small inset map of the U.S.

Navigable sections will be highlighted in green, if Javascript is enabled. Click on a particular section to go to that map.

The positions of the trains, which are shown on each of the regional maps, is derived from Amtrak’s website. The status of these trains is only as accurate as the information Amtrak’s website provides. Please double check with Amtrak. Do not rely solely on these maps.

The maps are a simplification of those shown in Amtrak’s Route Atlas.

While viewing a particular map, move your mouse over each train number to see what its latest status is. Click on each train to pull up its status file. Move your mouse over a station symbol to see which station it is. Click on this symbol to bring up Amtrak’s station page for that station.

If a train has departed a station, it is shown between that station and the next.

If a train has suffered a service disruption, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not running, just that its progress can’t be tracked via Amtrak’s website.

To expand the list of train service for a map, click on the “(+)” in the upper left corner of the page. To hide it, click on the “(-)”. While navigating the service list, move your mouse over each entry in order to see the train numbers for that service. Click on that entry to go to the status/archive page.