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Reports: Coast to Coast Study

Since intercity passenger rail service in the Detroit – Lansing – Grand Rapids rail corridor ended in 1971, several feasibility studies have been conducted. While a variety of efforts to assess and pursue a potential re-establishment of intercity passenger rail service in the Detroit – Grand Rapids corridor have been taken up since the 1980s, Michigan today is experiencing unparalleled increases in rail ridership.

Main Report

Appendix A: Compass Model
Appendix B: Zone System and Demographics
Appendix C: Captial Costs

MDOT 2023-2027 Transportation Program

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Five-Year Transportation Program (5YTP) is a state-required document that presents a high-level overview of planned investments in transportation programs and projects over a five-year period. Produced annually, each 5YTP overlaps across a four-year interval, while adding a fifth year of projects. This document provides information on investments for the five-year period spanning 2023-2027.