Take Action Against Late Trains!

A message from Rail Passengers Association

“Poor service and bad dispatching practices from many host railroads are causing chronic and excessive delays for millions of riders who rely on the Amtrak system. In 2021 alone, freight trains caused 900,000 minutes of delay to Amtrak passengers—equivalent to traveling to the moon and back 100 times!

Interference by freight trains is the most common source of delay for Amtrak passengers and the largest cause of poor on-time performance of Amtrak trains. If we want the trains to run on time, we need to ensure these freight railroads follow existing legal requirements to give priority to passenger trains and run their systems on time.

We need you to ask your elected officials to hold host railroads accountable. Help us protect passengers’ right to on-time trains!”

Head over to RPA’s page to sign on to a letter informing our Senators and Representatives!