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September/October 2019 edition of OnTrack

The September/October issue of ON TRACK will amplify some of the information presented at the Annual Meeting. If you were not able to be with us, we hope you will find the information of interest. And, you are all invited to cast your vote on matters looking both to the past and the future.
  • Learn what happened at MARP’s 46th Annual Meeting last month
  • Vote to help Holly MI grab a piece of a $2 million pie to move & rehabilitate their 1886 Depot
  • Vote to help decide the top 10 new train routes and services that passengers desire
  • Plan to attend the upcoming Operation Lifesaver quarterly meeting in Ann Arbor
  • Learn about the fate of Amtrak’s Great Dome Car
  • Make plans to take the train to MARP’s November meeting in Kalamazoo
  • Take advantage of Amrak’s Share Fares — up to 45% off for a group of six
Welcome to Fall!
Click here for a PDF version: ontrack_94

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June 2019 edition of OnTrack

Inside the latest issue you will find:

  • Michigan budget bill poses threat to passenger rail and local transit
  • information about the Michigan Rail Conference, August 7-9 in Lansing
  • MARP named to Key Stakeholders Team guiding development of Michigan Long-Rage Transportation Plan
  • Charger locomotive in revenue service on the Michigan Line
  • “Bridge-oriented” development in Portland

Click here for a PDF version: ontrack_91

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May 2019 edition of OnTrack

Inside the latest issue you will find:
  • a report of MARP’s exciting April meeting in Dearborn
  • a profile of MARP’s new At-Large Executive responsible for coordinating Governmental/Public Affairs
  • a heads up for MARP’s June membership meeting in a bustling village you’ve probably never visited
  • short takes on RPA’s “Day on the Hill” and the Travel Review survey
  • a call for Early Bird registrations for the August 7-9 Michigan Rail Conference in East Lansing
  • a first look at a Charger locomotive in a test run on the¬†Wolverine¬†route
  • an invitation to save with Amtrak’s new “Share Fares” promotion
PDF version is HERE: ontrack_90
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