Big ridership gains on Blue Water and Wolverine trains

The Blue Water and Wolverine services each posted impressive ridership
numbers during the month of February. 

The Wolverine experienced a 13.5% increase over the previous year’s performance.  The Blue Water also experienced an increase of 9.2% followed by the Pere Marquette that inched past last February’s ridership by 0.2%.

Ticket Revenue for each of the Michigan services was healthy with the Wolverine increasing revenue by 18.5% followed by the Blue Water and Pere Marquette with increases of 13.4% and 10.3%, respectively.

Therese G. Cody at the Michigan Department of Transportation said the recent inclement weather in the Midwest (Illinois and Michigan) travel market, coupled with higher fuel prices had a positive impact on corridor ridership and ticket revenue.

All 3 trains in Michigan were above Amtrak budget:
Train                  Budget$            Budget%    Actual$        Actual% 
Wolverine            $953,675           16.9%        $1,115,021   18.5%
Blue Water          $233,602           12.0%        $261,593      13.4%      
Pere Marquette    $172,205            6.4%         $183,239      10.3%
NBM 09 #’s were not taken into consideration in the above #’s