Michigan Star Clipper moving to Orlando

RAILMARK NEWS RELEASE – (Walled Lake, MI) – April 7, 2010

Railmark’s RAIL ENTERTAINMENT USA INC. subsidiary announced today that it has acquired the assets and operations of Florida Rail Adventures LLC and commenced operations on March 19th.  Railmark’s iconic Star Clipper Dinner Train®, the first and oldest dinner train in North America, will begin its 26th season in the Orlando Florida market, moving from the Metro-Detroit Michigan market where it has been since 1985.  The Star Clipper Dinner Train made its debut run on August 4, 1984 in Osage Iowa and since that time has entertained over 2,000,000 passengers.  Railmark’s other branded rail entertainment trains such as its family oriented excursion trains, adult entertainment trains and its unique Pullman Palace Bed & Breakfast operation, will relocate to the Eustis, Mount Dora and Tavares Florida area, all lake front communities along the train’s primary route and located just northwest of Orlando.  The Company’s Florida-based operations website is www.orlandotrains.com.

Railmark has named Mr. Neil Bagaus Vice President of Rail Entertainment USA Inc. & General Manager of the Company’s Florida-based retail train operations.  Mr. Bagaus has spent a good majority of his career in retail train operations and Railmark welcomes him as an important part of its management team.

Mr. B. Allen Brown, Railmark President & CEO comments, “We are looking forward to integrating our themed trains into the Orlando Florida market and building upon the successes of our predecessor’s trains, such as the Orlando Magic Express operated on certain home game nights.  Railmark’s experience and expertise will transform this historic railroad into an important rail oriented tourist attraction in the central Florida market.”  

The transaction was effective at 12:01am March 19, 2010.

About Railmark

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Railmark Track Works Inc., a railroad track construction and maintenance provider to railroads, industries, and municipalities is remaining in the Metro-Detroit area and in fact, is experiencing growth.  Its team of qualified and dedicated employees continues to demonstrate to our customers Railmark’s commitment to its trademarked slogan “A NEW TRAIN OF THOUGHT…….”, providing specialized track services and a unique approach in the quoting and delivery of its services.  We also wholesale railroad crossties.  To learn more about Railmark Track Works Inc, please visit its website www.railmarktrack.com.  If you are in need of any service to rail track facilities, please give us a call at (248) 960-9440.  The relocation from the Detroit market only pertains to Railmark’s retail train operations.   


Rail Freight Solutions Inc., a provider of rail-to-truck transfer services, rail logistics services, and specialized trucking services including new Detroit-area “Hot Shot Truck Services”, is remaining in Michigan and in fact, is experiencing growth.  Our trucking company is also “HAZ-MAT” certified.  The relocation from the Detroit market only pertains to Railmark’s retail train operations.  Call Rail Freight Solutions for any of your rail transportation needs.  We are a “one stop” rail services provider.  Contact (248) 960-9440, Ext. 103, for Customer Service. 


The Star Clipper Dinner Train actually began in Iowa in 1984, moving to Michigan two years later where it remained for 23 years, moving to the Metro-Orlando Florida area this year.  Two years ago it was publicly announced that the State of Michigan desired our railroad for the purpose of converting it into a pedestrian trail, which had necessitated the search for a new location to move our train.  When you are ever visiting the Orlando Florida area, we invite you to ride the ORLANDO STAR CLIPPER DINNER TRAIN.  The train’s route passes several inland Florida lakes and there is the unique dome car “Silver Bridal”, a former California Zephyr car, which is available for First Class “Dining in the Sky”.  We have an excellent Florida staff who are eager to provide you with a wonderful and memorable dinner train experience.  We are using our same Michigan-based production company so you can expect the same great entertainment choices that had been offered on our Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train.  To learn more, visit www.orlandotrains.com.  WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ONBOARD IN ORLANDO FLORIDA SOON!