Columnist: Woman urges others to stop, think before placing blame in Amtrak death

From the Lansing State Journal

Here’s some news certain people won’t want to hear: Your inconvenience is not necessarily somebody’s fault.

Or, as Judy Goth-Owens put it: “When we rush to interpret every unfortunate event as a personal affront that justifies a belligerent response, doesn’t that get in the way of hearing the small voice inside each of us that begs for compassion in the human experience?”

On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, Goth-Owens, who lives in East Lansing, was on an Amtrak train bound for Chicago. In a wooded area between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, the train came to a stop.

The passengers were informed that the train had struck a pedestrian on the tracks (an apparent suicide).

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