Help complete a parking lot for historic Durand Union Station


  • Complete a hard-surfaced, secure parking lot for visitors
  • Enhance the educational aspects of the museum


Durand Union Station is presently working with a grant from Michigan Dept. of Transportation on a secure, hard-surfaced parking lot for visitors.  The MDOT grant does not cover some engineering, curb and gutter and wayfinding and lot markings.  At the present time, the parking lot consists of gravel over mud, logs for markings and little space for a bus to turn around when there’s a train delay or when tour buses arrive to visit the building.  Because we are non-profit, we rely heavily upon visitors and the revenue they bring.   The rooms in the station are rented often for weddings, parties, meetings, dinners, special displays, etc. to enhance the income of the Depot.  A decent parking lot will make a vast difference to the approach of the Depot and the ease with which visitors can reach the Station.   

How will the 50K be Used?

Budget Notes: The underground work leading to the lot, the road that should be repaved to the Depot and the parking areas in front of the Depot.
$ 25,000 Engineering
$ 15,000 Cub and gutter to lot
$ 10,000 Wayfinding signs and lot markings
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