“1225 Club” established to help rebuild historic steam locomotive

The Steam Railroading Institute (SRI) is continuing work on Pere Marquette 1225 in preparation for its federally mandated rebuild.  SRI has been approved for a Federal Surface Transportation Enhancement Grant to assist in paying for the work. This grant requires the Steam Railroading Institute to raise $290,000 in matching funds.  Since beginning our fundraising efforts, SRI has raised nearly $100,000 toward our match, but we need your help in reaching our goal.

While the Steam Railroading Institute has grown into an organization that has a larger mission and goal than simply the preservation of the 1225 itself, the operation of this steam locomotive is the “glue” that holds the organization together.  Just like their volunteers, who have put in countless hours over the last forty years to keep the dream of operating the 1225 alive, they now face a challenge.

This challenge requires SRI to reach out to their membership, partners, and volunteers and ask you to help them meet their match so that the 1225 can once again grace the rails. Every dollar raised by SRI will be matched by $1.22 from the Federal Surface Transportation Grant up to the full amount of the grant award of $346,104. At the suggestion of some of their members and volunteers, they have established the “1225 Club” to raise the funds necessary to meet the match dollars by donating $1,225 toward the restoration. For those interested in participating, but unable to donate the entire $1,225 in one year, pledges can be spread over two years or three years, with monthly, quarterly, or annual payments.  If 186 people make this type of commitment, they will reach their goal.

Membership in this club will provide an exclusive recognition for their donors and celebratory dinner upon completion of the restoration. Those who donate an additional $1,225 (for a total of $2,450) will have an opportunity to have an additional benefit of having their “Hand on the Throttle” of the 1225 upon completion of the work.

If you would like help, please visit their website at www.michigansteamtrain.com, or click on the following link to go directly to their donation page: www.michigansteamtrain.com/sri/donations/ For payment by check please make your check payable to the Steam Railroading Institute and mail to 405 South Washington Street, Owosso, MI 48867.