Budget cuts all 2011 funds for high speed rail

From Trains Magazine

Contrary to earlier reports, no high speed rail funds survived in the budget Congress appears poised to pass for the 2011 fiscal year. The six-month deal that passed last Friday night in an effort to prevent a government shutdown cut all remaining funds from the high speed intercity rail program for this year.

The Friday deal included a one-week bill that keeps the government’s doors open while bill-writers ink the six-month deal. The one-week bill carves $1.5 billion from the program immediately, and the six-month bill eliminates the remaining $2.9 billion that President Barack Obama wanted the program to receive this year.

The Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission says the bill will also rescind $400 million appropriated to the program in 2010. This money remains to be obligated because Florida turned back $2.4 billion in funds earlier this year for its planned Tampa-Orlando route.

Earlier reports indicated $1 billion survived the appropriations process, but it appears those reports were erroneous.

The bill will also cut $80 million from Amtrak’s budget below fiscal year 2010 levels.

Transportation cuts weren’t limited to the rail sector. Under the plan, Congress will rescind $2.5 billion in not-yet-obligated highway funds.

Source: http://trn.trains.com/en/Railroad%20News/News%20Wire/2011/04/Budget%20cuts%20all%202011%