Marp Agenda for June 11, 2011‏

Revision dated: 6/6/2011 8:07 PM
Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers
June 11, 2011 Agenda
300 Dorothy Street South Lyon, MI 48917

Executive Committee Meeting
Non-executive Committee members may stay and observe.
Timekeeper- Steve Sobel

10:00 Call to Order & circulate sign-in

10:00 Secretary’s Report – Hugh Gurney

10:10 Treasurer’s Report – Dave Randall

Coordinator Reports
10:20 Government affairs – John Langdon
10:30 Communications – Kay Chase
Website – Larry Sobczak
Newsletter – JR Valderez
Outreach – upcoming events handout
10:35 Membership -Kathleen Newell
10:40 Meetings – Jim Wallington

Regional Chapter Reports
10:45 Northern Region – Don Montieth
10:50 Metro Detroit Region – Jim Hinkins
10:55 Western Region – John Langdon (acting chair)

General Membership Meeting
Speaker (orders of the day)

11:00– 11:15 Eli Cooper of the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority

11:15- 11:20 Presentation Questions and Answers

Old Business
11:20 purchase of a digital projector for MARP Meetings

New Business
11:25         Indian Trails Committee Update – Jim Wallington

11:30         Motion by Gurney to request Amtrak to list thruway connections

11:35         Motion by Gurney to resurrect REC Committee

11:30         Report – Durand Station damage – Jim Wallington or Norma Ward

11:35         (open)

12:00-1:00 Jennifer Redfern, South Lyon Area Historical Society – remarks on the railroad history of South Lyon and the Witch’s Hat Depot & Museum, followed by a tour of the museum, caboose and other buildings

1:00           Lunch at South Lyon Hotel