Columnist: If Dallas Can Do It, Why Can’t Detroit?

From Metromode

They said it would never happen in Dallas. They said it was a city that loved its cars too much, that its massive system of freeways obliterated the need for trains, and that Dallas’ suburban sprawl was too entrenched for it to ever go the way of more densely populated cities and regions that were long accustomed to getting places by rail.

Sound familiar?

The same arguments – and then some – are raised again and again when it comes to bringing light rail to metro Detroit. And yet Dallas built it and we’re still arguing.

So why The Big D, the not The D? Why can’t metro Detroit, despite its love affair with cars, sprawl, and freeways (the very first was built in Detroit) follow Dallas – or Cleveland, Phoenix, St. Louis, Portland, Denver, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Charlotte, etc – and make light rail a reality?

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