10 slow Amtrak trains in Michigan

From Michigan Radio

There are three Amtrak routes with trains that travel to and from cities in Michigan to Chicago.

If you ride on any of them, chances are your train will be late.

The route with the best on-time rate in the last year were the trains traveling on the “Blue Water” route between Port Huron and Chicago. On average, you’ll be on-time 50 percent of the time on these trains.

The “Pere Marquette” route with trains traveling between Grand Rapids and Chicago comes in second. On average, those trains run on-time 48 percent of the time.

The most popular route is the worst.

The “Wolverine” route, which has trains running between Pontiac/Detroit to Chicago, had an average on-time rate of just 14 percent.

Amtrak provides a detailed breakdown of each train’s on-time performance along with reasons for delays on their website.

Here’s a breakdown of the on-time percentages for Amtrak trains in Michigan from best-to-worst:

  1. Blue Water #364 – 73.8% (Chicago to Port Huron)
  2. Pere Marquette #370 – 54.2% (Chicago to Grand Rapids)
  3. Pere Marquette #371 – 41.7% (Grand Rapids to Chicago)
  4. Blue Water #365 – 25.5% (Port Huron to Chicago)
  5. Wolverine #350 – 19.8% (Chicago to Detroit/Pontiac)
  6. Wolverine #355 – 18.7% (Detroit/Pontiac to Chicago)
  7. Wolverine #353 – 17.6% (Detroit to Chicago/Pontiac)
  8. Wolverine #351 – 11.4% (Detroit/Pontiac to Chicago)
  9. Wolverine #354 – 9.5% (Chicago to Detroit/Pontiac)
  10. Wolverine #352 – 4.4% (Chicago to Detroit/Pontiac)

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