Dormant Upper Michigan track may reopen

From Trains Magazine:

In a filing  with the Federal Surface Transportation Board, short line Mineral Range,  Inc., has proposed purchasing 12 miles of Lake Superior & Ishpeming  Railroad trackage in Upper Michigan and  rebuilding track on another 1.9 miles of abandoned right of way that is now a  trail. Kennecott Eagle Minerals Co. is opening a copper and nickel mine at Humboldt, Mich.,  that would be served by the reopened track.

The 12 miles of LS&I track extends from Landing Junction in Ishpeming to  Humboldt Junction, Mich.,  and is used solely by Canadian National trains via trackage rights. CN uses  the line to reach its ex-Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Branch to L’Anse,  Mich. Mineral Range  would purchase the line from LS&I, with CN retaining operating rights.

To reach the Kennecott facility, Mineral   Range would rebuild 1.9  miles of abandoned track from Humboldt Junction to Humboldt. This  right-of-way has been rail banked and is currently an unimproved trail.  Kennecott would rebuild another 0.75 miles of track into the mill area.

Mineral Range  would move traffic from Humboldt to the yard at Ishpeming, Mich.,  where it would be interchanged to CN. LS&I has agreed to sell two yard  tracks at Ishpeming to Mineral   Range for this purpose.

Kennecott Eagle Minerals has roughly 200 contractors working at the mine and  mill. Production is slated to begin in 2013. The mine is expected to produce  300 million pounds of nickel and 250 million pounds of copper.