Troy City Council passes revised transit center plan by 4-3 vote


The Troy City Council approved a revised plan this evening to build a federally-funded, multi-modal transit center.

In December, the Council voted 4-3 to reject an $8.4 million transit center plan, but City Councilman Wade Fleming changed his vote after architects scaled back the plan to a cost of $6.27 million.

The savings were achieved by reducing the size of the facility as well as scrapping some aesthetic design elements.

The lower-cost plan won’t actually save taxpayers money as any unused appropriated dollars will be reallocated to other projects by the U.S. Department of  Transportation. Had Troy passed completely on the project, the full $8.4 million would have been spent on transit projects elsewhere.

Troy Chamber of Commerce spokeswoman Michele Hodges told Council that the Chamber is committed to crafting a business plan that would cover the center’s estimated $31,000 annual operating costs.