Police searching for signs of sabotage in Via Rail train derailment

From The National Post:

The National Post photo

VIA commuter train 92 was switching tracks to avoid a work site at the exact moment it derailed, the Transportation Safety Board announced on Monday.

The derailment on Sunday killed two locomotive engineers and a trainee, and seriously injured three passengers; 42 other passengers were taken to hospital, where eight remained on Monday afternoon.

It is not known what exactly sent the six-car Toronto-bound train careering off the tracks Sunday afternoon but the answer lies in the so-called “black box” — actually a bright orange metal case — now in the hands of the Transportation Safety Board. The Transportation Safety Board has started downloading information from the event recorder, Tom Griffith, a regional senior investigator with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, said in a Monday morning press conference.

Nevertheless, investigators “will have to go a little farther” because of the damage done to the box during the crash. “We are going through the coaches to see why the injuries occurred; if there is something in there that, other than the speed of the train, caused the injuries, if seats came loose or whatever,” said Mr. Griffith.

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