Recall Troy Mayor Janice Daniels campaign submits petition signatures to elections division

From The Oakland Press:

After collecting nearly 9,300 signatures from people supporting the recall effort against Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, the Recall Janice Daniels campaign has submitted recall petitions to the Elections Division of the Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds Office.

“The conduct of Mayor Daniels provides an overwhelming case for her recall,” states a press release from the Recall Janice Daniels campaign.

“By referring to the City Charter as a ‘whimsical’ document, the mayor demonstrated her lack of her respect for the city’s own ‘Constitution.’ By repeatedly voting against the Troy Transit Center, Mayor Daniels put her ideology over the best interests of Troy residents and business community. By attacking city employees with false and irresponsible accusations, Mayor Daniels has driven out John Szerlag, the former City Manager, described by L. Brooks Patterson as ‘one of the best.’ Finally, with her controversial remarks, Mayor Daniels has brought embarrassment and shame to the entire community.”

Daniels has been at the center of controversy since December — just one month after her election — when a post stating “I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there” was discovered on her Facebook page.

When reached by phone Tuesday evening, Daniels said the people behind the recall “have an agenda.”

“My effort is going to be to try to get people to know me better,” she said, asking people to visit her website,

“Come to my meetings and see how I’m handling the meetings. I think I’m doing a good job.

“I voted the way I campaigned and I think it’s curious to see the extent that people will go to to try to regain power.”

Daniels disagreed with the recall campaigns claims that she drove City Manager John Szerlag out of office.

“This is the second time John Szerlag left,” she said. “The first time he left, Louise Schilling was mayor. Did she drive him out of office in 2003?

“I think his decision to move to Florida is the fact that he has family down there. When he had an opportunity to take another job in Florida, he took it.”

Daniels said things are going well in the city.

“Quite frankly, our business permits are way up this year,” she said. “Residential sales are on the increase.”

Daniels also mentioned the recent recall effort against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who survived a recall effort by winning a recall election earlier this month.

“I’m proud of the results in Wisconsin, where Scott Walker’s team proved the people don’t like recalls,” she said.

A total of 125 volunteers for the Recall Janice Daniels campaign gathered the signatures over the course of three months, surpassing the total of 7,985 signatures that is required by law, according to the release.

The Elections Division has seven days to determine whether enough “facially valid” signatures were obtained, and within 22 days, it must verify that each signer is a registered voter.

Daniels can challenge any signatures within 30 days of the date of filing, and a final review by the Elections Division must take place within 35 days of filing, according to the release.

If the signatures are certified, the recall issue will be included on the November ballot. No special election is required.

“While the majority of voters have been supportive of our efforts, a few have suggested that a recall should not take place unless Mayor Daniels has committed a crime or other act of malfeasance,” the release states.

“This assertion has no basis in fact. Michigan’s Constitution and subsequent legislation … permits recall for any objectionable conduct during the elected official’s term in office. In contrast, when an elected official has committed an illegal act, the officer can be removed … (in) a completely separate and distinct procedure.”

Daniels is seeking donations to fight the recall effort via her website.

“You may have read that there is a small group of citizens who have filed a petition attempting to remove me from office after only four months into my first four year term,” a statement on her website reads.

“Although this is a legal option within the American system, we believe that if we could all work together we could achieve great outcomes in Troy. I was elected by the majority of the voters in Troy to address fiscal transparency and integrity in budgeting.

“I ask each of you to join me in our effort to help unite us to create a better place to live, work and play. Please donate today to help me fight this recall effort.”