Meeting minutes – Executive Committee — St. Johns– March 9, 2013

MARCH 9, 2013

Members Present:  Tischbein, Gurney, Krieg, Horvath, Langdon, Monteith, Hinkins

Also Present: Steve T. Sobel, Gary L. McKay, Tammy McKay, Dick Pekarek, Jeanie Merckel, Chuck Merckel, Janet Howes, Diane Stone, Barb Spaulding-Westcott, Don W. Westcott, Jim Williams, John DeLora, Qingpeng Zhang, John Guidinger, Kim J. Powell, Dianne Patterson, Robert Patterson, Dan Platz, Tom Boswell, Elaine Williams, Clark Charnetski, Jenny McCampbell, Gary McCampbell, Michael M. Hodges

Call to Order:  Chairman Tischbein called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.  The roll call was taken and it was ascertained that a quorum of the Executive Committee was present.

Agenda:  Langdon moved to accept the agenda.  This was seconded by Hinkins and approved by the members of the Executive Committee present.

Minutes:  The minutes of the February 9, 2013 Executive Committee meeting were reviewed.  Krieg moved approval.  The motion was seconded by Horvath and approved by the members of the Executive Committee present.

The minutes of the February 9, 2013 Monthly Membership Meeting were then reviewed.  Horvath moved acceptance, seconded by Hinkins.  The minutes of the Monthly Membership Meeting of February 9, 2013 were approved by the members of the Executive Committee present.

2013 Route Enhancement Recommendations:  Gurney asked for approval of the 2013 Route Enhancement Recommendations discussed at the February 9 meeting with suggested revisions distributed by e-mail.  Horvath moved approval of the 2013 Route Enhancement Recommendations.  The motion was seconded by Krieg and approved by the members of the Executive Committee present.

Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s Report was then reviewed.  As of February 28, 2013, the checking account balance stood at $29,989.14.  This included $17,141.26 of Pratt Fund proceeds awaiting transfer to a Vanguard account.

Langdon moved acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report.  This was seconded by Monteith and approved by the members of the Executive Committee present.

National Train Day:  National Train Day is Saturday, May 11.  Langdon reported that several stations including Flint, Kalamazoo, and Battle Creek were slated to receive planning kits from Amtrak.  In all, Amtrak will be providing three round trip tickets to Chicago which can be used as prizes.  Durand will incorporate its celebration with

Durand Railroad Days, held the weekend following National Train Day.  Langdon plans

to focus on the Toledo celebration, scheduled for the Saturday prior to the official National Train Day.

In addition to events at stations, Robert Patterson suggested that members ride the trains and discuss issues.

The following people were assigned to coordinate events at specific stations:

Ann Arbor                   Clark Charnetski

Bangor                                    Ken Radzcliff

Battle Creek                Amtrak

Dearborn                     Chuck Merckel

Detroit                         Robert Tischbein/Jim Hinkins

Dowagiac                    Ron Leatz

Durand                                    Rosemary Horvath

East Lansing               Tim Fischer/ Qingpeng Zhang

Flint                             Barb Spaulding-Westcott

Holland                       John Langdon

Jackson                        John Guidinger

Kalamazoo                  Kay Chase

Niles                            NilesGarden Club

On Board                    Robert Patterson

For the On Board promotion, DeLora will provide a route guide for the Wolverine.  Route guides already exist for the Blue Water  and Pere Marquette routes.

The Executive Committee meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m.


Respectfully Submitted:                                             Accepted:

Hugh D. Gurney                                                         Robert Tischbein

Secretary                                                                     Chair