Amtrak repairs to shut down railroad crossings in Ypsilanti


Amtrak railroad repair enhancements will close four railroad crossings in Ypsilanti during the week of Sept. 16.

Ypsilanti’s Department of Public Service’s Director Stan Kirton said the following crossings will be shut down temporarily:

  • 203 N. Grove on Monday, Sept. 16
  • 219 N. Park Street – Tuesday, Sept. 17
  • 23 E. Forest Avenue – Wednesday, Sept. 18
  • 1199 LeForge Road – Thursday, Sept.19

“They won’t be closed at the same time,” Kirton said. “There will always be access across the tracks.”

Kirton said Amtrak is enhancing the tracks for higher speed trains that might come through the Ypsilanti area in the near future.

“They have to make sure the crossings are really tight and in shape,” Kirton said.