Coast-to-Coast Passenger Rail Study: Round 2 Public Meetings Announced

Public meetings will take place along the rail corridor of the proposed passenger rail service between Michigan’s freshwater coasts known as the Detroit – Holland Passenger Rail Ridership and Cost Estimate Study, or simply the Coast-to-Coast Passenger Rail Study. The study is the first step toward reestablishing passenger rail service linking Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids.

Who: This study is being managed by the Michigan Environmental Council in partnership with the Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers, the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority and the Michigan Department of Transportation. Public meetings are hosted by the Michigan By Rail team.

Why:  Join us at one (or more!) of our 16 public engagement meetings to share your thoughts and ideas about potential passenger rail service that re-connects our freshwater coasts. Note: Round 3 of public meetings will take place in September 2015 and will be announced at a later date.

What: Public meetings to gather ideas and input on the proposed Coast-to-Coast line.

More details:

The meetings will provide an opportunity for the public to share ideas and input on the potential passenger rail service. The public engagement portion of the study is led by Michigan By Rail team in partnership with stakeholders and institutions along the potential line. The study is funded by a federal grant with a public match provided by 11 organizations and institutions located along the potential corridor.

In 2010, Michigan by Rail hosted public forums throughout the state to garner feedback on the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) State Rail Plan. A desire for passenger rail service connecting Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids was one of several key themes that emerged.

Along with public feedback, the study will also analyze travel patterns, demographic trends, cost estimates and existing conditions of rail infrastructure to determine what, if any, next steps should be taken to examine the possibility for new passenger rail service.

The study is being managed by Michigan Environmental Council through a partnership with the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority and MDOT. The consulting firm, Transportation Economics & Management Systems, Inc., has been hired to complete the technical analysis. A final report is expected by December 2015.

For questions or to request special accommodations at a meeting, please contact me at (517) 487-9539 or

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