Flint (FLN)

1407 South Dort Highway
Flint, MI 48503

The access to the Flint station is somewhat better marked than most. The facility is in an area that is isolated from any businesses. The area has recently had a major transit facility constructed next to the Amtrak station, and the main problem now is a tight parking situation. It is safe to leave cars here for extended periods.

The Flint station is an “Amshack” design, and it is just about the right size for the current traffic load. The real plus is an agent who not only keeps it immaculate, but who also plants and maintains attractive flower plantings around the station. The station has vending machines, but there are no restaurants within walking distance.

Local bus service is provided by the Flint Mass Transit Authority. Buses for route # 20 stop across the parking lot from the station; consult the authority regarding bus connections to other routes.

Although local website links are not the best, Flint offers a lot to do for the visitor. Although still primarily an auto-factory town, Flint has excellent museums, educational facilities, and many interesting places worth a visit in the immediate area.

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