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New station at New Buffalo

New station

Amtrak’s Blue Water (train 365) arrives to the new Amtrak station in New Buffalo, Michigan, Oct. 26, 2009 while being greeted by media, passengers, and area residents. The station, located along Amtrak’s high-speed Michigan District line in downtown New Buffalo, opened officially Oct. 26 and replaces the former Amtrak station south of town on CSX served by Amtrak’s Pere Marquette. Amtrak’s Blue Water (trains 364 and 365) and Wolverine trains 354 and 355 now serve New Buffalo. Amtrak’s Pere Marquette (trains 370 and 371) no longer serve New Buffalo as of Oct. 26.   (Photo by J.R. Valderas)

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New Buffalo (NBU)

 225 North Whittaker St.
New Buffalo, MI 49117

Located in the heart of downtown New Buffalo at 225 N. Whitaker St., the new station opened Oct. 26, 2009 to serve Wolverine Trains 354 and 355, which serves 15 cities from Chicago to Pontiac, Mich.; and Blue Water Trains 364 and 365, which operate to 11 cities from Chicago to Port Huron, Mich. As of Oct. 26, Amtrak’s Pere Marquette no longer stops in New Buffalo. The new station stop provides complimentary parking for up to 25 Amtrak passengers at a parking lot located just west of the station on Oselka Dr., parallel to the railroad tracks.

Public transportation is provided by Berrien Bus. Hours of service are limited, so check first.

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