Durand Union Station getting a new look one year after being damaged by water

From The Flint Journal

One year after a water pipe burst and threatened to destroy hundred of historical documents and pictures, the Durand Union Station may just be better than ever. 

“We were actually very very fortunate,” Don Westcott, board president for the station said. “Because we had insurance we were able to take advantage and do some redecorating. We needed it.” 

But it took a lot more than insurance money to get the job done. Dozens of volunteers, ranging from local senior citizens to students from Durand Area High School put in their time to save the damaged items. The Sloan Museum and Henry Ford Museum also helped by offering information and advice on how to go about preserving the damaged documents. 

The work began, Westcott said, within minutes of an alarm going off after an attic water pipe froze and burst in January of 2009. 

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