Amtrak investigates engine derailment in Port Huron

From The Port Huron Times-Herald:


An Amtrak locomotive that went off the rails just east of the 24th Street viaduct will stay there for a few days while the incident remains under investigation.

The trailing locomotive derailed shortly after departure from the Amtrak station on 16th Street at around 6:20 a.m., said Marc Magliari, Amtrak spokesman. It was heading for Chicago.

Crews from CN Railroad and Amtrak were investigating the scene just south of Railroad Street in Port Huron. After about five hours, they were able to disconnect the trailing locomotive from the rest of the train, which then continued to Chicago.

It is unclear what caused the locomotive to derail.

There were 14 passengers on the train; there were no injuries.

Trains will continue to run between Port Huron and Chicago while the derailment is under investigation.