Sneak peek the Summer 2010 newsletter


Summer 2010 stories include:  

  •  Improving Service   Amtrak adds two more trains to New Buffalo.
  •  Pere Marquette Sabotaged FBI investigates Amtrak train fire.
  • The Diners are Back! – Full dining car service returns to Amtrak‘s Lake Shore Limited.
  • More Trains? – Michigan seeks another Amtrak train.
  • Where’s Wally? – Proposed commuter rail line could become a reality in 2011.
  •  Stressing the Importance of Rail – State, federal and transportation officials meet to discuss rail projects.
  • Where’s the Beef? – Amtrak tests first biodiesel train, using beef by-products.
  • Improving Safety – Amtrak begins screening carry-on bags.
  • Workin’ on the Railroad – Amtrak to improve reliability and safety in the nation‘s rail hub.
  • Promising Jobs – New rail tunnel planned under Detroit River. 
  • Rediscovering the Railway – Michigan celebrates National Train Day.
  • Traveling in Style
  • Turning back the clock…. – MARP looks back at Michigan‘s past passenger rail operations.
  • Stepping Up – Tischbein named new Outreach Coordinator.
  • Time for a Change – MARP elections are coming up.
  • Wait a Minute . . . Notes from MARP‘s Membership Meetings.
  • Chairman’s Corner “It‘s Always Something”.
  • Widget – Web feature boosts an increase in passenger rail ridership.

Copies of the publication can be found at every Amtrak station in the state of Michigan as well as locations having interest in passenger rail such as local libraries, hobby stores and city halls.  

To receive this publication at your home or business, you must become a member of MARP. Join by filling out the application in the About MARP section of this website.  

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